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  • ID 20th Anniversary – Teaching Exhibition Week

    The Teaching exhibition was an activity of the 20th Anniversary of the International Division (ID), and the week was from October 17th to 23rd, 2019. There were 25 topics in the teaching exhibition, with courses various in content and involving a wide range of disciplines, including liberal arts and sciences, as well as art, sports and psychology. Both Chinese teachers with excellent teaching skills and powerful foreign teachers participated in the activity.

    In the teaching exhibition classes, many teachers adopted modern teaching technologies and new methods. Course design was unique and novel, students’ thinking positive and class atmosphere active. The classes were wonderful.

    Zheng Jing, a teacher of Chinese literature, took Lao She’s classic essay Reminiscence of Peking as the topic, which was enlightening for students.

    Wang Qi, a teacher of Chinese language discussed about the Standard of Happiness with international students. The teaching design was ingenious. Students played an active role in class discussions, and they created many “golden sentences”.

    Wang Chuan in his class China Administrative Division and Yang Qibin in his class Main Features and Influences of China’s Topography both adopted modern geographic information technology to realize the interconnection between traditional paper maps and multi-dimensional digital maps, which made the teaching of knowledge vivid and lively.

    Zhang Songfei and Xiao Wenjuan, teachers of Mathematics, made an introduction about the documents of Chinese and foreign Mathematics history in their classes. The logic of teaching was clear, which embodied the knowledge and expansion of teaching. At the same time, they attached great importance to the cultivation of students’ independent learning ability.

    Wang Xue’s topic was oxidation-reduction reaction based on the application of sewage treatment. The teaching design was novel, combining theoretical knowledge with practical life, making it easy for students to understand the importance of Chemistry in dealing with environmental issues. Meanwhile, she introduced about the current situation of global water resources and encouraged students to make contributions to environmental protection and enhance their sense of social responsibility.

    Foreign teachers’ team also made contributions to the 20th anniversary of the International Division with specially prepared classes, among which “Egyptian history”, “novel reading”, “conflict settlement” and other topics were of great significance to the expansion of students’ vision, the cultivation of critical thinking and the formation of team cooperation.

    The teaching exhibition of ID 20th anniversary was not only the collective show of ID wteaching team, but also the demonstration of teaching innovation achievements of the International Division.

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